It's for Bonin', Dude! Episode Notes

Episode 24

Segment 1
Babe & Doc Noss- The Victorio Peak Treasure
Mysterious Legends

Robin Abcarian (16 June 1991). "Treasure or Treachery? : Did 'Doc' Noss Really Find Caverns of Gold or Did He Pull Off a Hoax That Has Plagued His Kin for Years?". LA Times.

James Coates (January 28, 1990). "QUEST FOR FABLED GOLD STARTS ANEW". Retrieved 12 May 2019

Segment 2
Kari Lynn Nixon
Missing Persons

Segment 3
Dexter Stefonek
Unexplained Death

The Trail Went Cold episode 73, Dexter Stefonek

Alison Cunningham